Founded in 2022 by Jalen del Rosario – a first-generation Filipino-American – DSPRA is inspired by diaspora communities worldwide, celebrating what makes us who we are.

A Celebration of Identity

Pronounced di•as•po•ra, DSPRA is a design venture that takes its name from the Filipinx diaspora.

However, DSPRA celebrates more than just Filipinx culture. In addition to paying homage to the diaspora's roots, we celebrate the people, cultures, and communities that have become inextricably interwoven with the diaspora and influence its constant evolution.

Just like the diaspora itself, every DSPRA design is informed by the indigenous and global influences that have contributed to the formation of new diasporic identities and communities all over the world.

Inspired by these unique identities and communities around the globe, DSPRA is a celebration of everything and everyone from the past, present, and future that makes us who we are.

Committed to Honoring the People & Protecting the Planet

Inspired by the global Filipinx diaspora and its contributions to the world, we strive to affirm and promote gender equity by providing pieces for people of all genders. All DSPRA pieces are unisex and gender-neutral to honor traditional, indigenous Filipinx concepts of gender neutrality and to ensure that we design clothing for everyone. 

As DSPRA celebrates diasporic communities across the world and our shared history of fighting for freedom, independence, and self-determination, we are proud to be fully BDS-compliant and stand with all those who are fighting for liberation.

Additionally, to ensure the preservation of our planet and to protect the natural environments that have shaped our cultures and identities, our products are made-to-order to reduce waste and minimize our impact on the climate crisis.